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Singapour - 15 & 16 juillet 2004

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PROGRAMME – Innovation et Propriété intellectuelle

jeudi 15 & vendredi 16 juillet 2004

Télécharger le programme définitif (version pdf)

Jeudi 15 juillet 2004
Vendredi 16 juillet2003

08h00 - 08h45 Inscriptions et café

08h45 - 10h30 Session 4
    Intellectual property policies
08h45 - 10h30 Session 1 :   Management de l'innovation et propriété intellectuelle
10h30 - 11h00 Pause et Poster Session
10h30 - 11h00 Pause et Poster Session 11h00 - 13h00 Session 5
     Intelectual Property Valuation

11h00 - 13h00 Allocution d'ouverture et conférences magistrales
D. Bosworth & D. Harhoff

13h00 - 14h00 Déjeuner et Poster Session
13h00 - 14h15 Déjeuner et Poster Session

14h00 - 15h45 Session 6
Innovation performances at the firm level

14h15 - 16h15 Session 2
Industry - University Partnerships 
16h00 - Cérémonie de cloture.
16h15 - 16h45 Pause et Poster Session

16h15 - Cloture du Colloque

16h45 -18h 00 Session3
 Knowledge spillovers


jeudi 15 juillet 2004


08.45 - 10.30 - Session plénière 1 :
Management de l'innovation et propriété intellectuelle

Président: Michele Cincera (ULB)

Intellectual Property Business Management Practices : A Survey of Litterature
Petr Hanel (University of Cheerbroke)

The Use of Intellectual Property Protection Amongst Innovators in the UK : Evidence from the UK Innovation of 2001
Sylvia Massini, Bruce Tether (UMIST, Manchester)

Rule-Breaking Through I.P.- Based Disruptive Strategy
Richard Pin, Emmanuel Métais, Pierre-Guy Hourquet (EDHEC Business School) Julien-Yung MAMEAUX (BNP Parisbas, South Korea)

The Management of Intellectual Property for Entreprise's Total Innovation Management
Zhangshu Xie, Qingrui Xu, Zhirong Yang (Zhejiang University)

What Difference About Innovation in Asia
Arnoud de Meyer (INSEAD)





11.00 - 13.00 Session d'ouverture

Président : Orhan Güvenen (Governing Borad, Europe Development Bank)

Discours de bienvenue : Arnoud de Meyer (INSEAD)
Allocution inaugurale : Helmut Schütte(INSEAD)

Conférences magistrales

Cooperative Agreements and Innovativeness in the UK Biotechnology Sector
Derek Bosworth
(UMIST, University of Melbourne)

The Battle for Patent Rights - Who is bashing whom?
Dietmar Harhoff (University of Munich)



14.15 - 16.15- Session plénière 2 :
Industry - University Partnerships

Président : Shantansa Bhattacharya (INSEAD)

Who Patents at Universities and Why ? Evidence from a large French university
Nicolas Carayol (BETA, Université Louis Pasteur)

Public Funding of R&D, Collaboration and Innovation Output
Bernd Ebersberger (Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT))

Innovation and Knowledge Spillovers : Evidence from European data
Fabio Montobio (U. degli Studi dell'Insubria), F. Malerba, M. Mancusi (U. L .Bocconi)

R&D Cooperation between Firms and Universities Some empirical evidence from Belgian Manufacturing
Reinhilde Veugelers (KUL), Bruno Cassiman (IESE Business School )

Science-Technology-Industry Network, The Competitiveness of Swiss Biotechnology: A Case Study of Innovation
Alexander Mack, Milad Zarin-Nejadan, (University of Neufchatel) Bart CARRIN (JETRO, Geneva), Yuko Harayama (RIETI),

The Sources of Knowledge and the Value of Academics Patents
Elefthérios Sapsalis, Bruno van Pottelsberghe (Solvay Business School, ULB)



16.45 - 18.45 Session plénière 3 :
Knowledge spillovers

Président : Bruno Van Pottelsberghe (Solvay Business School)

Open Science and University Patenting : a Bibliometric analysis of the Italian Case
Fabio Montobio (Università degli Studi dell'Insubria)

Choice between Licensing and FDI: Role of R&D Intensity, Spillovers and IPRs
Sanyal Prabbudha (American university)

The Value of Innovation : The Interaction of Competition, R&D and IP
Mark Rogers, Christine Greenhalgh (Oxford University)

Technology Up-Gradation Strategies and Level of Technology Adoption
in Japanese and U.S. Firms in Indian Manufacturing
Rashmi Banga (Indian Council for Research in International Economic Relations)

La diffusion de l'innovation entre le secteur civil et le secteur militaire
Syoum Negassi (LASI, Université Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Brain drain, Brain gain and Brain exchange : The Role of MNEs in a Small Open Economy
Michel Cincera (ULB)


Vendredi 16 juillet 2004

08.45 - 10.30 - Session plénière 4 :
Intellectual property policies

Président : Sadao Nagaoka (Director of I.I.R, Hitotsubashi University)

Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Economic Efficiency
Wu Zhirwin (Lunghwa University of Science and Technology) Chien-Fu Chou (National Taiwan University)

The Role of Intellectual Property Portfolio in Competitive Advantage of SMEs in China
Zhirong Yang, Gongmin Bao, Zhangshu Xie (Zhejiang University)

Does Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Induce More Patents without Complementary Environments ?
Sung Jin Kang (Korea university), Hwan Joo Seo (Sangji university)

Optimal Patent Regimes for Developing Countries
Ray Shaon (Research and Information Systems for the Non Aligned and other Developing Nations)

Strategic Management of Innovation and Patenting Performances
Carine Peters, Bruno van Pottelsberghe (Solvay Business School, ULB)


11.00 - 13.00 - Session plénière 5 :
Intellectual Property Valuation

Président : Pierre Mohnen (MERIT)

Comparing the Market Valuation of Innovative Assets in U.S. and German Firms
Dirk Czarnitzki (Centre for European Economic Research)

Does ownership structure influence firm value? Evidence from India
Jayesh Kumar (Indira Gandhi Institute Of Development Research (IGIDR))

Business Method Patents and Venture Capital Investment decisions
Robert Pitkethly (Oxford University)

What Do Patent Indicators Really Measure? - A Structural Test of 'Novelty' and 'Inventive Step' as Determinants of Patent Profitability
Markus Reitzig (The Copenhagen Business School)

Competitive Disadvantage through the Non--Existence of Patent Protection
Pia Wess (Chemnitz University of Technology)

Evaluating R&D management of firms by patents citation
Sadao Nagaoka (Institute of Innovation Research Hitotsubashi University)



14:00-15:45 - Session plénière 6 :
Innovation performances at the firm level

Président : Daniel Traça (INSEAD)

An Empirical Assessment of the Determinants of TFP Growth
Fabio Castiglionesi, Carmine Ornaghi, (Universidad Carlos III)

R&D and Subsidies at the Firm Level: An Application of Parametric and Semi-Parametric Two-Step Selection Models
Katrin Hussinger (Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW))

IPRs and Norwegian SMEs: Using registry data to analyze factors that shape innovative efforts and performance in Norwegian firms
Eric J. Iversen (STEP, Center for Innovation Research)

IT Intensity Firm Organizational Structure, Agglomeration Economies and Productivity Change : A Firm-Level Analysis
William Latham (University of Delaware)

Research, Innovation and Productivity: A New Look
Pierre Mohen (MERIT)

Total innovation performance measurement based on patents index - Case study of several Chinese firms
Ling Zhu (Zhejiang University)

Technological Innovation and Industrial Labor Productivity in China, 1985-1998
Yifei Sun (California State University Northridge)

Modelling the innovation pathways of Australian Companies, 1989 to 2002
Beth Webster (IPRIA, The University of Melbourne)

16.00 - Cérémonie de cloture.
Bruno van Pottelsberghe & Arnoud de Meyer

16.15 - Cloture du Colloque


Poster Session

Les communications par affiche feront l'objet d'une exposition, discussion durant toutes les pauses des deux journées de conferences.

Patricia Akester (University of Cambridge) Francisco Lima, (IST Lisbon)
The economic dimension of the digital challenge : a copyright perspective

Ant Bozkaya (ULB)
Surveying Technology-Based Small Firms a Perspective from Belgium

Pierre Bresse (cabinet Breese & Majerowicz)
Pilotage de la propriété industrielle :Tableau de bord de la valeur du portefeuille de brevets

Antoine Bureth (Université Louis Pasteur)
Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Pharmaceuticals : Intellectual Property Rights and the Emergence of Hybrid Forms of Governance

Paola Criscuolo (MERIT and SPRU University of Sussex, Freeman Centre)
Is there a "home" advantage effect in the patenting activity of multinational companies ? A comparison of USPTO and EPO patents.

Yi Deng (Department of Economics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas.)
A Dynamic Stochastic Analysis of International Patent
Application and Renewal Processes

Frédérick Divialle, Syoum NEGASSI (LASI, Université Paris 1, Panthéon - Sorbonne)
L'impact économique de la R&D liée à la défense : Une analyse comparative

Bikis Khanam (Industry Canada), Petr Hanel (Université de Sherbrooke)
Total Factor Productivity Growth and the R&D Expenditure of Canadian Manufacturing and Services Industries, 1973-1997

Sarkis Khantarjian, Arman Sargsyan (Yerevan State University)
Models for S&T Financing for Optimality of Intellectual Property Generating: Case of Armenia

Nannan Lundin, Pingfang Zhu (Trade Union Institute for Economic Research)
The impact of Science and Technology Policy on Industrial R&D activities - Empirical evidence from the large-and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai

Justina Matysiewick (University of Economics)
The Quantitative Methods in the Process of Development and Assess of the Distribution strategy. A study of the Polish beer market.

Owen Morgan (The University of Melbourne)
Employees' rights

Gilles Pascal (CEFI (Centre d'Économie et de Finances Internationales))
les Alliances stratégiques dans l'industrie pharmaceutique : Le cas de la firme adventis

Gilles Pascal (CEFI (Centre d'Économie et de Finances Internationales))
Analyse d'innovativité du secteur pharmaceutique

Domagoj Racic (The Institute of Economics)
Linking Innovation Policy and Innovation Management: Some Implications of the Community Innovation Survey in Croatia

Ei Sun Oh
A Robust Evolving Multifaceted Self-Governance Framework for Intellectual Property Policy Development and Management

Bruno Van Pottelsberghe, Nicolas Van Zeebroeck (Solvay Business School, ULB), Wook HAN, (BCG Brussels)
Issues in measuring the degree of technological specialisation with patent data.

Astrid Romain, Bruno van Pottelsberghe (Solvay Business School, ULB)
The Determinants of Venture Capital, A panel data analysis of 16 OECD Countries

Beth Webster (IPRIA, The University of Melbourne)
Is Trade Marking a measure of Australian (process) competition?

Beth Webster (IPRIA, The University of Melbourne)
Understanding recent patterns of trade marking activity in Australia

Liang Xinru, Qingrui Xu, (Zhejiang University)
From Creativity to successful innovation : Study on the evolutionary mechanism of innovation

Jing Yang (School of management, Zhejiang University)
Intellectual Property Rights: the Implications for Nongovernmental Business of Wenzhou in China

Todo Yasuyuki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Technology Adoption and Inventive Adaptation in Follower Countries



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