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Information on the Association

The Applied Econometric Association is a non-profit organization based on the legal structure of an association administrated by the French Law 1901; this association had been declared on the Official Newspaper of French Republic on January 23 of 1977 [link to a copy], September 28 of 2002 we change our office's address [link to a copy] .

It's registered on french administration with the identification-number 326398153 00014

All persons, working for the association are volunteer. Some works of are regularly place to the firm FédÉco-Service, in which the AEA is an fundator-associates in order to make some works with a mutualized-cost (with other institutions).

The banking references of the Association are, since beginning :
Le Crédit Lyonnais 30002-Paris Friedland agence W423 compte n°6248L (RIB 50)
[ 3002 - 00423 - 0000006248L - 50 - CL Paris Friedland ]
IBAN : FR54 3000 2004 2300 0000 6248 L50 BIC : CRLYFRPP