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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How surfer on the site?
How loging in the private area?
What is there in the private zone?
Which safety measures for the on line payment?

For webmaster:
Can I use the logo of the association to establish it on my site?


How surfer on the site?

This site is bilingual site (French-English). There is always a flag on the page which makes it possible to consult the page in the other language.

the site includes four zones
- a general presentation of association
- the information reserved to the members
- mini-site by organized conferences
- a documentation base taking again the whole of the work presented at the conferences of Association [AEA Working' S Papers]

the higher horizontal bar makes it possible to sail in the principal site; it enables you always to return easily in the banner page of the site.

an additional bar opens for navigation in the private part of the site

a side menu (on the left) facilitates navigation within the site of a demonstration; it always enables you to return easily in the banner page of the demonstration


How loging in the private area?

you must be member; if you are member on a individual basis you received during the validation of your inscription an automatically generated password, if it is your organization which is member, you must consult your representative person in order to communicates this information.

your login takes again the first letter of your first name and the first 6 characters of your name (spaces possibly included), this login is not modifiable. if you forgot login and/or password, it will be proposed to you to indicate your address mél (that which you communicated to us) a message will be sent to you at once, at this address with your identifiers.

you can modify your password (but not your login) in the module of management of the private part.


What is there in the private zone?

scientific files of the last conferences. the texts of the older conferences are accessible on the documentary gate.

the directory of Rezo and the members of association the photographs memory of the demonstrations

the documents of the intern life of the Association (Repports og general assemblies and meeting of the office)

Information on the next conferences

zone of communication between members

Personal sofware for management (including password)


Which safety measures for the on line payment?

we do not have recourse to encoding via a site in https, our experiments on Internet often showed us the vanity of this kind of protection especially at the accessible level of encoding

your payment is not thus done really on line, with immediate flow of your account, but under the statute (French laws of the VAD (Remote Sale) in which the payer with the possibility of refusing the withdrawal carried out on its account near its bank without any document in proof.

to make safe the sending of this information, they are the subject of two different sendings, carrying each one on part of the information which is necessary for us to box your payment order.

the cashing is made one or two weeks after your order, if the transaction occurs well, your basic information is destroyed; if not after a second test we contact you to find another way of payment.

NOTA BENE this system is effective also because we are in an associative system and that we have the occasion to meet us would be this only at the time of the conferences; do not deduce a systematic rule from it to apply to purely commercial relations!!


Can I use the logo of the association to establish it on my site?

Yes, we are very open to any exchange of links. These partners, if they wish it are listed in the heading “our cooperative links ” accessible fromthe page of general presentation of association.

You can also import the logo of Association
- in format .swf (black font - 7Ko - or white font -3 KB)
- in format .gif (clear font - 2Ko)
- even a version without text in .gif (white font -2 KB or black font - 2 KB)

You can establish if you wish it major link. Those can unfortunately subjected to some changes. A link to the homepage (in french or English) is preferable, with an indication to follow to arrive at your objective.