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How to contact us?

Postal mail: AEA - 53, rue Saint Denis - 75 001 PARIS – France. (see the map or pictures1 2 3 )
If you want to join us, please, take care in contact us (by phone or by email) in order to give you the code of the main door. (even if we could see the street, we don't watch it, so we shouldn't see you)

E-Mail: aea
Other possibles E-mails:
- FedEco
- hserbat
- postmaster

Traditional Phone number: +33 1 4221 1172
Phone number with local price for French Call: +33 953 888 232
(You will always find someone at the phone; your call is (if necessary) redirect on several other phones in order to assure a direct answer, … but sometimes, you might wait severals ring before for the transfers effectives

If you want to send a Fax :
   - +33 958 888 232 The message is deliver by the internet so we can consult whereever we are.

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