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Thematic List of AEA conferences 
updated 2012/12/12


Conferences of AEA can be structured in different topics...


Employment and Labour Market
Health Econometrics
Macro-Econometrics Problems
International Economics and Trade
Commodity and Energy Market
Microeconomics and Management
Innovation and Intellectual Property
Regional problems and Environnement
Sector - based Analysis

and Conferences and Seminars














Employment and Labour Market

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The annual FFM conference in partnership since 1996: in London until 2002, in Paris 2003/2004, in Marseille 2005, in Aix en Provence 2006/2007/2008, in Luxembourg 2009, in Hannover 2010, in Marseille 2011/2012, in Hannover 2013



2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013        

2006 ATHENES Risk Econometrics
2005 LUXEMBOURG Exchange Rate Econometrics
2004 PARIS Stock Markets
2003 TOLEDO Econometrics of Emerging Countries
2003 MARSEILLE Exchange Rates
1998 PARIS New Financial Instruments and Emerging Markets
1997 ROMAPublic Deficit and Monetary Union (XI)
1996 PARIS Financial Market Dynamics (II)
1995 STUTTGART Exchange Rate Determination
1993 LUXEMBURG Real Time Econometrics
1987 GENEVA Monetary and Financial Modelling
1979 ROMA Monetary and Financial Models

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Health Econometrics

2010 ROME Econometrics of Healthy Human Resources (Health XVII)
2002 AJACCIO Health and Regionalization (Health XVI)
2001 LOUXOR Economics and Law in Biotechnology (XV)
2000 BUDAPEST Health XIV (with SSHC)
1999 VERONA Health Central System (Health XIII)
1998 LYONS Complexity in Health XII
1997 MONTREAL Drugs Econometrics (Santé XI)
1995 ATHENS Ageing and Old Age Econometrics (X)
1994 LYONS Health Econometrics (IX) : Evaluation
1993 BARCELONA Econometrics of AIDS (Health VIII)
1992 SAN JOSE Econometrics of Social protection (VII)
1992 MUNICH Econometrics of Cardio-Vascular (Health VI)
1990 ANKARA Medical Drugs (Health V)
1988 LYONS Health Econometrics SSHC (Health IV)
1986 SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS Frontiers of Applied Econometrics (Health III)
1985 ROTTERDAM Health Econometrics (II)
1983 LYONS Health Econometrics (I)


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Macro - econometrics problems

1993 ATHENS Budgetary Policy Modelling
1992 BRUSSELS Econometrics of Europe 2000
1989 ROMA Fiscal Policy Modelling
1988 VERONA Demographic Modelling
1987 LILLE Econometrics of Investment
1982 BUDAPEST Optimality and Disequilibria
1982 ROTTERDAM Structural Analysis in Econometrics
1981 LILLE Applied Econometric Forecasting
1980 POITIERS Econometrics of Demand and Consumption
1974 CLERMONT-FERRAND Short-Term Models

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International Economics and Trade


2001 MEKNES Economical Reforms, Growth and Development
2001 BRUSSELS Policy Modelling for European and Global Issues
1995 WARSAW Transition Modelling
1989 MONTREAL International Trade
1986 ISTANBUL Econometric Modelling. Developing Economies
1983 BRUSSELS The use of International Models
1976 BRUSSELS International Models

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Commodity and Energy Markets

1998 BERLIN Modelling Energy Markets
1997 MONTPELLIER Modelling of Agricultural Markets
1991 MONTPELLIER International Energy Market Modelling
1988 WASHINGTON International Commodity Market Modelling (III)
1985 SARAGOSSE International Commodity Market Models (II)
1981 AIX-MARSEILLE Econometrics and Energy Crisis
1979 PARIS Commodity Market Modelling
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Micro-economics and management

2004 PARIS Quantitative Management
2002 BRUSSELS Econometrics of Wages
2000 HELSINKI Econometrics and Human Resources Management
1994 AIX EN PROVENCE Econometrics of Wages
1993 LUXEMBURG Real Time Econometrics
1990 LYONS Marketing and Econometrics
1977 STRASBOURG Modelling for Firms


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Innovations and Intellectual property

2008 TOKYO Innovation & Patent
2007 STRASBOURG Innovation & Patent
2005 PARIS Innovations and Intellectual property
2004 SINGAPOUR Innovations and Intellectual property
2001 BRUSSELS Innovations and Intellectual property
2000 ALICANTE Industrial Property Econometrics
1998 LYON Industrial Property Econometrics
1996 LUXEMBURG Econometrics of Innovation - Patent
1989 POITIERS Innovation and Econometrics

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Regional problems and Environnement

2002 AJACCIO Health and Régionalization   (Health XVI)
2001 PALM SPRING Spatial Econometrics
1996 LISBOA Econometrics of Environnement ( Call for paper - Program)
1992 GENEVA Econometrics of Environnement
1989 POITIERS Innovation and Econometrics
1987 POITIERS Regional and Spatial Modelling
1984 POITIERS Regional and Spatial Modelling
1975 NICE Regional Models

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Sector-based Analysis


LUXEMBOURG Towards a Digital Society, Quantitatives Analysis
PORTO Media Studies and Communication
MARSEILLE Internet Econometrics
PARIS Press and Media Econometrics
PATRAS Econometrics of Football
PADOUE Econometrics of Cultural Goods
LUXEMBURG Industrial Econometrics
NEUCHATEL Construction Econometrics
LES DIABLERETS Econometrics of Tourism
OSAKA Econometrics of Information
CALAIS Transport Econometrics
CLERMONT FERRAND Econométrie et système expert
AIX-MARSEILLE Econometrics and the Energy Crisis
AIX en PROVENCE Econometrics of Non-Economic



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Conferences and seminars


2012 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2011 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2010 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2009 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2006 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2004 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2003 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2002 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
2000 PARIS Teaching Econometrics
2000 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
1999 COLLIOURE Brainstorming
1999 PARIS Forecasting
1998 PARIS Public Choice
1996 PARIS The State of Art in Applied Econometrics

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