Econometrics of Cultural Goods
Padova, ITALY
april 2004, 22 & 23

(restricted area)
Università degli Studi di Padova
Regione del Veneto Provincia di Padova Comune di Padova

Under the auspices of Ministeri per i Beni e le Attività Culturali   
Scientific Committee (provisional)
Orley ASHENFELTER Princeton University
Ezequiel BARO Universitat de Barcelona.
Martin M. G. FASE Amsterdam University
Carlofilippo FRATESCHI Università di Padova
Giuseppe GABURRO    Università di Verona
Victor GINSBURGH Université Libre Bruxelles
Pierre GREGORY Université Paris 2
Michael HUTTER Witten/Herdecke University
Jean-Pierre JOBART Université Paris 1 
Christian LABROUSSE Université Paris 2
Gianfranco MOSSETTO Università di Venezia
Fréderico PERALI Università di Verona
Günther G. SCHULZE Freiburg Universität
Henri SERBAT AEA, Paris


Basilika Padua



English will be the working language

Submit your proposal
(before January 2004, 30)

For all Cultural Goods:
Edition, Music, Painting, Heritage...
Performing arts, Exhibitions Festivals, ...
Regional Parks, National Parks,, Merchandising, ...

Markets for Cultural Goods
Evolution of pratices and cultural expenditures
Impact of different factors on the supply and demand of cultural goods


Prices of Cultural Goods
Determination of prices
Determination of hedonic price
Value of Cultural Goods
Determination of the patrimonial value of cultural goods
Optimal public funding (in part. Theater, Opera)
Impact on local economies
Cultural goods as assets
Structures of Cultural Goods Sector
Employment in the cultural sector
Economic impact of copyright and royalties
Internationals Aspects of Cultural Goods
International cultural indices
Impacts of culture distributed to mass (and internet)
International exchange of cultural goods

Nota: Please consider " Econometrics " as an economic diagnosis (econo) based on statistical data (metron)



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