Economic Brainstorming

December 2004, 30 & 31

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December 2004, 30 & 31













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 It is the fifth edition!!

Economists, Managers, Econometricians, ..., Philosophers, ...

We appreciate each year some articles which bring a new or original prospect. These articles, we cut out them to be able to read again them, deepen them and discuss them with friends.
More rarely, we have courage to lay down on paper some ideas, fruit of our reflexions, our certainty and our doubts about the economic and political implications of the evolution of the company.

With the request for those which appreciated this formula of exchange and free debate, the AEA organizes, in 2004, its fifth annual demonstration, gathering the contributions of personalities of the economic and political world on a general topic which could be expressed in the following way :

One usually says that...
" ??!! !!?? ??!! !!?? ??!! !!?? "
I don't agree, and I will explain why


To participate

Propose to us your original and very personal vision of a problem with economic implications


Submit your paper before november 2004, 19




Topics :

   Every societal theme is analysed from an economic perspective...

Examples :

the unavoidable... increasing of human longevity
  growth of urbanisation ;
  declining fertility rate ;
  increasing role of women.
the end of ... perfect competition ;
  marxism, liberalism
  public intervention ;
  paper documents ;
  "politicly correct"
the emergence of ... new forms of competition ;
  new traitment of artist's wages
  new rules in Economics
  chaos or anarchy in the decision making
the end of certainties... world saving is unsufficiant ;
  growth creates employment ;
  controlling inflation is the main policy objective ;
  public budget has to be balanced over the long term ;
  stock market investment is, in the long term, the most profitable
  United States as Free Exchange champions ;
   Software is patentable