Trademarks and Patents
Alicante, Spain - April 19 & 20, 2000

Scientific Committee :
Derek Bosworth   Manchester, UK
Dominique Guellec          Ocde
Najib Harabi      Olten, CH
Alfred Kleinknecht   Delft, NL
Christian LeBas   Lyon II, F
Georg Licht   Mannheim D
Pierre Mohnen       Montréal, CN
Syoum Negassi                        Paris 1, F
Joseph Plasmans   Anvers, NL
Miguel Sanchez   La Laguna ,SP
Hans Van Leuven   Oeb
Bruno Van Pottelsberghe   ULB-Solvay, B
Patrice Vidon   Cncpi, F
Organising Committee :    
Henri  S E R B A T   AEA, Paris
Alexandra GUARDA-RAUCHS   Luxemburg,


castillo de Santa Barbara


This conference should gather the contributions of Econometrics to the Economy of Intellectual Property.

As the etymology indicates, Econometrics requires a measure (as in metron) ; as the title of our Association requests by the term "Applied", it is expected that all the working papers are due to help the actors of the economy in reaching a decision. Papers about international comparisons are highly researched.



T O P I C S ( Deadline: February 11th, 2000)
Competitiveness and Innovation
Trademarks and Patent Valuation
Firm Behaviour Modelisation
National and Sectorial Behaviour Analysis






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