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(Last update 08/02/08)

Are you convinced of the interest of a joint approach, of the high scientific quality of our conferences, of your own engagement in the economy and in scientific management ? Then you might want to join us and benefit from the special advantages of membership which we offer, perhaps even help us organise the Association’s activities and conferences. ? You would be most welcome !! ...

Why ?

to combine opportunities such as :

participate in all conferences at reduced fees
share experience and have enriching meetings with renowned experts at international level ,
actively contribute to the organisation of conferences and have the possibility to take on responsibilities in the Association .

to have  :

special access to the Association’s web page which allows you to 
- consult the scientific conference-related documents
- have advance knowledge of our projects
- constantly give your advice as to the Association’s organisation and development
- consult the member file of the REZO network and its affiliates …


How ?

choose a type of registration  :

choose a registration date :


Membership fees  :

125 EUR
500 EUR
>from 2000 EUR



You register personally  :

By registering personally, you receive the possibility of participating in all the conferences planned for the year and of benefiting from all the advantages listed above. As confirmation of your registration you will receive a simple receipt.


You register professionally :

By choosing to let your institution, service or enterprise become a member of the Association for professional purposes, you have the possibility of being designated as the person who professionally represents your institution, firm or service in the Association. Such a registration allows the new member organism to register three other of its people to participate in AEA events at reduced rates. In this case, the registration fee is settled by invoice or an order form.

You become a partner  :

By choosing to become a partner, your institution, service or you partner enterprise chooses to support and be associated with AEA activities. If required, the name and logo will be mentioned on all documents distributed by the AEA at a conference (program, proceedings, publications…). Registration as a partner member makes it possible to register as many collaborators as desired for participation in AEA activities. Moreover, the partner’s activities can be presented on a stand or board as he wishes.

Calendar year  :

Membership is valid from the 1st of January until the 31st of December. You will receive a renewal notice at the very beginning of December.

Academic year :

Membership is valid from the 1st of September until the 31st of August. You will receive a renewal notice at the very beginning of July.

Multi-annual membership  :

To facilitate the renewal of your yearly membership, it is possible to register for 4 consecutive years at once ; the cost will amount to three times the corresponding annual fees. An individual registration can in such case be settled by invoice or order form. An engagement in the form of an automatic yearly standing order gives the right to the same advantages but does not insure against the natural increase from time to time in membership fees.