All working paper referenced in our database are in Pdf format.




Multicriterium search assistance

By Keywords
The keyword search is done through an analysis in string. In the keywords, you can specify a string. A string can generate multiple word:
For example, the string "econo" can generate the word "econometrics, economy, econometrician, économetrician ..."

By date
You can limit your search query to one, two, or a range of years. If you faitres search for a year, simply fill in the fields first year. The second field will be the end of the period analyzed. The date format is four consecutive digits (AAAA)
CARE: Please respect to the date format


By Author(s)
You can also specify the name of the author. The author search is done by an analysis in string If you are unsure about the precise spelling of the author's name, you can specify only his first name. Conversely, you can enter his name only, or even indicate nothing.
For example, if you type: DEC, you all authors who have the letter DEC in the composition of their names (**** DEC, DEC ** ** *** or DEC)

By Languages
You can also specify your language preference when searching.
The Working Papers are mostly done in English. To reduce your research only on papers written in English, you have to specify the word "UK" in the field Lanque. In case you want to search only on papers written in French, quoting "FR" in the language. In case you want to do a global search regardless of the language of writing paper, leave this field .