Economic Brainstorming

December 2002, 30 & 31

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December 2002 30 & 31













Examples of topics / Papers :
Il n'existe pas une "bonne" politique pour le développement"
par Ha-Joon Chang
in Le Monde
"L'innovation, nerf de la guerre" par Annie Kahn in Le Monde





  Economists, Managers, Econometricians, ..., Philosophers, ...

The beginning of the century gives economists an opportunity to assess our economic and politic beliefs. So, AEA has decided to organise at the end of the year, an outstanding and regular meeting, permitting different personnalities specialized in economics and politics to exchange their point of view on the following topic

One usually says that...
" ??!! !!?? ??!! !!?? ??!! !!?? "
I don't agree, and I will explain why


Two ways for participating:

You propose an original and personal paper analysed from an economic perspective

You propose an extract from a book, a newspaper and you discuss it

Submit your paper before october 2002, 14




Topics :

   Every societal theme is analysed from an economic perspective...

Examples :

the unavoidable... growth of urbanisation ;
  declining fertility rate ;
  increasing role of women.
the end of ... perfect competition ;
  labour ;
  public intervention ;
  paper documents ;
  "politicly correct"
the emergence of ... new forms of competition ;
  controlled markets ;
  chaos as a rule for evolution.
the end of certainties... world saving is unsufficiant ;
  growth creates employment ;
  controlling inflation is the main policy objective ;
  public budget has to be balanced over the long term ;
  stock market investment is, in the long term, the most profitable
  United States as Free Exchange champions ;
  Japan as Employment for life country