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Patent and Innovation
Tokyo, Japan  December 19 - 20, 2008
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Informations pratiques Colloque Hitotsubashi
Last Update 2008/11/29

This page, established beginning August, is continuously enriched.
You will find extensive information to prepare you travel.

Do not hesite to let us know your good (or bad) adresses

AEA regrets not being able to organize the travels of the participants.
Participants must ensure their own reservation (transport and accomodation).

Take care, many areas are clickable, it leads to more information.

Location of the conference

The conference will take place in Université Hitostsubashi
This famous university is in the west suburbs of Tokyo, in Kunitachi's area.
A train of Japan Railways (Chuo line) starts for the Shinjuku railway station located on the circular line which determines the center of Tokyo.
The conference is held on the Kunitachi campus, in the reception pavillon " Sano Shoin Hall"
It's located at the south end of the west campus, It's easily accessible from the street coming from the station (see n# 23 on the detailed map
General Location

You have also HERE a general information about access to Hitotsubashi University

Kunitachi Campus

Arriving in Hitotsubashi University

From the center town of Tokyo
Take the train on Chuo line departure from Shinjuku
Allow arround 30 - 45 minutes to reach Kunitachi
It's wise to take a fast train, that takes you to Tachikawa (were we suggest you to stay during the conference) , than a local train to Kunitachi.
You will find the train schedule on:

Download in high quality [ .jpg 832Ko ]


To go to the university and to the conference center which is at the south end of the campus, you must take the large Daigaku-Dori.

or the southern exit of the Kunitachi station,

or the northen exit of Yaho station

Arriving in Japan

Arriving in Tokyo

The international Airport of is Narita  It's propose on it's website the list of the companies and the insured destination (direct fly). It's very useful to prepare your travel plan.

Maybe, it's a good idea for those who arrive late or who leave early to stay a night in an Hotel (luxury) in the near vicinity of the Airport (Check prices on Internet) but whose prices are affordable - you can take the very charmin tower of Narita which brings the scenery and wealthy that you would exept from Janapn without the presure of the center of Tokyo. Visit Narita The hotel bus will easily lead you

At the national airport Haneda, arrive some flights from Corea, Shangai, and Honk Hong.

To research the best tariff, consult a price comparison between propositions of generalist agencies, like IllicoTravel or UnVolSvp, AcheterUnVol, BilletsAvion, TrouverUnVol, ComparAvion,

A panorama enough complete of the supply of transport on Japan is available on the site TCH-Voyages

Finally, if you decide at the last minute, don't forget to consult offers on Lastminute or the Wednesday opportunities on Air France.


Arriving in Japan

It may be interesting for your arrival or your departure to choose another airport for a better tariff and the opportunity to visit (a little)Japan. I suggest: Nagoya, Osaka or Fukuoka, coupled with an unlimited rail pass, in order to travel a week.


Specialised on Japan travel agencies

Often better than airways companies or generalist agencies, you can ask a specialized agency, so you can benefit of best tariffs: Some addresses:



During the conference
We strongly suggest you to book a room in the near vicinity of the University, in the nearby town of Tachikawa. We should soon put on line corresponding information, but you could from now have an idea by consulting the site of another conference to be held at the same place

The Tourism Office Tachikawa give a very complete hotel list but without plan.

For some of those hotels you can consult their Web site (but in japanise without for the Palace)

Grand Hotel

Rakuten Travel propose online reservations for Grand Hotel and for Regent and for two others (not in the Tourism Office List): "Royal Authentic" and Business Hotel Homare

Trough e-hotel you can reserve for Palace
you have the same facilitie through TravelHero ou AsiaTravel

If you read japanise and you can write your name in japanise caracters so you have acces to very "special web" rates realy last expansives; you must go to Yahoo-Travel orJalan or exactly herei for l Palace Hotel .

One other hotel list for Tachikawa on Trip Advisor with some comments

If you want to go directecly to TachiKawa from Narita Airport, you have to use a "Limousine Bus Service " .

Cost 3,500 Yen per person; Travel time, rough estimate, depending on traffic conditions: about 3 hours; schedules

Also, this web site WCRR'99 give a very extensive information about access from Narita to TachiKawa..


Some good sites for hotel booking in Japan

You have a good choice on the web site of AsiaTravel or AsiaRooms

. But to travel into Japan, you can not find a better solution than TOYOKO INN a business hotel with a not to small room, very nice reception desk (with a little ngift if you reserve throug Internet), free connexion to internet, free japanise breakfast, evening curry (if you're not too late), location down town, ....)

Tourism before or after the colloquium





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Consult on meteo 123, 10 days forecast (Yahoo)
5 days forecast on
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