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Brevet et Innovation
Tokyo, Japon - 19 et 20 décembre 2008

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Scientific Program


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Canevas du Programme Scientifique


Vendredi 19 Decembre

08h20 – 09h00

Inscription et Café

09h00 – 09h30

Session d'ouvertue

09h30 – 10h00

10h00 – 11h00

11h00 – 11h30

Pause & Poster Session

11h30 – 13h00

13h00 – 14h30

Déjeuner & Poster Session

14h30 – 16h00

16h00 – 16h30

Pause & Poster Session

16h30 – 18h00





Samedi 20 Decembre

08h40 – 09h00

Inscription et Café

09h00 – 09h30

09h30 – 10h00

Pause & Poster Session

10h00 – 11h45

11h45– 13h15

Déjeuner & Poster Session

13h15– 15h00

15h00 – 15h30

Pause& Poster Session

15h30 – 16h45

16h45– 17h15

Pause & Poster Session

17h15– 18h15


Remarques et fin de la conférence




Friday December 19

09.00 : Openning Session
Chaired by Orhan GÜVENEN President AEA

Welcomes :
SUGIYAMA, President Hitotsubashi University (to be confirmed)
Seiichiro YONEKURA
, Director of the Institute of Innovation Research , Hitotsubashi University (to be confirmed)

09.30 : Keynote Speech

Bruno van POTTELSBERGHE, ULB-Ecares, Breugel
The European Patent System
Missed Opportunities and Quality Challenges

10.00 : Keynote Speech
Chaired by Sadao NAGAOKA Hitotsubashi University

Hiroyuki ODAGIRI, Hitotsubashi University
IPR for Economic Development

Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München
To Be Financed or Not - The Role of Patents for Venture Capital Financing

11.30 : Session 1 : Mergers and Market for Technology
Chaired by David ENCAOUA, University Paris I

Building and Blocking: The Two Faces of Technology Acquisition
GRIMPE Christoph , Hussinger Katrin – ZEW - DE

Determinants of Market Valuation of Patents: An Empirical Analysis of Patent Licensing
SAKAKIBARA Mariko - University of California , Los Angeles - US

An Analysis of Unilateral and Cross-Licensing: New Evidence from the Inventor Survey in Japan
NAGAOKA Sadao - Hitotsubashi University - JP

Licensing Activities of Japanese Firms in the Era of Pro-patent System Reform and Open Innovation
MASAYO Kani, KAZUYUKI Motohashi - Tezukayama University, University of Tokyo - JP

14.30 : Session 2 : Inventors
Chaired by Bronwyn HALL, University of California , Berkeley , University of Maastricht , and NBER

The Prolific Inventors and Their Mobility. A Quantitative Study Using US Patent Data.
LEBAS Christian - LEFI, Lyon 2 University - FR

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation for Inventors
OWAN Hideo, NAGAOKA Sadao - Aoya Gakuin University - JP

Commercializing Academic Research: The Quality of Faculty Patenting

The Productivity Effects of Compensation Plans for Employee Inventions: Evidence from Japanese Panel Data
ONISHI Koichiro - National Institute of Science and Technology Policy - JP

The Ingenious Crowd: Great British Inventors and Their Patents
MacLEOD Christine, NUVOLARI Alessandro, SHIMIZU Hiroshi , Hitotsubashi University -JP

16.30 : Session 3 : Knowledge Spillover
Chaired by Reiko AOKI, Hitotsubashi University

Spatial Knowledge Spillovers: A Regional View of Germany
KLARL Torben - University of Augsburg - DE

Innovation Clustering and Knowledge Spillover: An Empirical Study on Swedish and Finnish Firms
CHYO Yih-Luan , LIAO Kuei-Yen - National Tsing Hua University - CN

The Patterns of Inter-firm and Inter-industry Knowledge Flows in the Netherlands
PLASMANS Joseph , LUKACH Ruslan - University of Antwerp, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis- BE

Backward Citation as an Indicator of Knowledge Source
WADA Tetsuo - Gakushuin University - JP

Ranking USPTO Patent Documents by Importance Using Random Surfer Method (PageRank)
LUKACH Ruslan, LUKACH Marina - CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, University of Antwerp - BE

Saturday December 20

Keynote Speech
Chaired by Tetsuo WADA , Gakushuin University

Beth WEBSTER, University of Melbourne
Misclassification in Patent Office

10.00 : Session 4-1 (parallel) : IPR and Innovation Policy
Chaired by Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München

A Bayesian Real Option Approach to Patents and Optimal Renewals Fees
BAUDRY Marc, DUMONT Beatrice - University of Nantes & University of Rennes I - FR

The Optimal Patent Length is Shorter than 18 Years
GRONQVIST Charlotta - Bank of Finland - FI

On the Price Elasticity of Demand for Patents

Complementary Reforms of Japanese Patent Examination System
YAMAUCHI Isamu, NAGAOKA Sadao - Institute of Intellectual Property & Hitotsubashi University - JP

On Application Behaviour and Quality of Patent Related to Patent Pool
TSUKADA Naotoshi - Hitotsubashi University - JP

Valuation of Patent under Market and Technology Uncertainty
TSENG Chun-Yao, YE Yu-Ru - Tunghai University - TW

10.00 : Session 4-2 (parallel) : Firm Strategies and Performances
Chaired by Keun LEE. Seoul National University

From Quality to Innovation: Evidence from Two French Employer Surveys"
GALIAFabrice, PEKOVIC Sanja - Burgundy School of Business & University Paris-EST Marne-la-Vallée - FR

Intellectual Properties Awareness
PITKETHLY Robert - Oxford University - UK

A Study on Influence of Intellectual Property Departments in Intellectual Property Competence of a Company
SEO Kyung , LEE Chul-Young, LHEE Guhn - Korea Institute of Intellectual Property -KR

The Determinants of Patent Applications to the Brazilian Intellectual Property Rights System: the Difference Between National and Multinational Enterprises
SEABRA Fernando , ZIBETTI Fabiola, NOGUEIRA Caroline - Federal University of Santa Catarina -BR

Formal and Strategic Appropriability Strategies of Multinational Firms – A Cross Country Comparison
SOFKA Wolfgang , FARIA Pedro – ZEW - DE

Firm Survival and the Evolution of Market Structure: The Case of the Japanese Motorcycle Industry
KATO Masatoshi - Hitotsubashi University -JP


13 .15 : Session 5-1 (parallel) : National Innovative Performance
Chaired by Yosuke OKADA, Hitotsubashi University

What Makes more or less Successful Technological Catch-up: Analysis of 10 Countries using the US Patent Data
LEE Keun, Seoul National University - KR

Macroeconomic Determinants of Innovation
APAK Sudi, SARIDOGAN Ercan , UÇAK Ayhan - Trakya University & Marmara University - TR

Innovative Activity in NAFTA and EU Countries: An Analysis of Structural Change in Patent Granted Trends
GÓMEZ Mario, RODRIGUEZ Jose Carlos - Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo - MX

International Environmental Agreements and Technology Diffusion: Evidence from SO2 Protocols
DEKKER Thijs, VOLLEBERGH H., De VRIES F., WITHAGEN C. – Univ. Amsterdam & Tilburg Univ. - NL

13. 15 : Session  5-2 (parallel) : R&D Productivity
Chaired by Hideo OWAN, Aoya Gakuin University

The Knowledge Production of R and D
CZARNITZKI Dirk, KRAFT Kornelius, THORWARTH Susanne - ZEW & K.U. Leuven - BE

An Empirical Analysis for Effects of Universities-Industry Cooperation Focused on Joint Applicants: A Case of Pharmaceutical Industry
SAITO Hiromi , SUMIKURA Koichi - National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies - JP

Heterogeneity of Patenting and Implications for Basic Research
CZARNITZKI Dirk, GLÄNZEL Wolfgang, HUSSINGER Katrin – ZEW & K.U. Leuven - BE

Has the Industrial Cluster Project Improved the R&D Efficiency of Industry-University Partnership in Japan ?
OKAMURO Hiroyuki, NISHIMURA Junichi - Hitotsubashi University - JP

Determinants in Licensing Activities of Local Public Technology Centers
FUKUGAWA Nobuya - University of Nagasaki - JP

15. 30 : Session 6-1 (parallel) : Theoretical Research for the Efficient IPR System
Chaired by Robert HUNT, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia


Competitive Innovation with Codified and Tacit Knowledge
HARUYA Tetsugen - Kobe University - JP

An Economic Analysis of Patent Law Exemption for Research on a Patented Invention
AOKI Reiko , NAGAOKA Sadao, Hitotsubashi University - JP

Licensing Uncertain Patents: Per-Unit Royalty versus Up-Front Fee
ENCAOUA David , LEFOUILI Yassine - University Paris I - FR

Hold up Problem in Creating Derivative Works in the Current Copyright System
NAKAIZUMI Takuya - Kanto Gakuin - JP

15. 30 : Session 6-2 (parallel) Portfolio and Value
Chaired by Chaired by Dirk CZARNITZKI, ZEW & K.U. Leuven

Patent Portfolio Management of Sequential Innovations
KIM Jinyoung - Korea University - KR

An Econometric Assessment of the Effects of Patent Thickets
NAGAOKA Sadao, NISHIMURA Yoichiro - Hitotsubashi University & Kanagawa University - JP

External Knowledge Sourcing: Science Market and the Value of Patented Inventions.
SCHNEIDER Cédric - Copenhagen Business School - DK

Structural Modeling of the Value of Patents

Keynote Speech
Chaired by Akira GOTO, commissioner, JFTC (to be confirmed)  

Bronwyn HALL, University of California , Berkeley , University of Maastricht , and NBER
An Empirical Analysis of Patent Litigation in the Semiconductor Industry

Robert HUNT, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Business Method Patents and US Financial Services

18.15 : Closing Remark by Prof. Jinzo FUJINO, Tokyo University of Science, representing the IPAJ (the Intellectual Property Association of Japan)

19.30 : Reception

Poster Session (presentation during all the Breaks and Lunch Time)

Friday December 19 and Saturday December 20


Collective Rights Organizations and Upstream R&D Investment
AOKI Reiko, Aron Schiff - Hitotsubashi University - JP

Determinants and Impact from the National Survey on R & D and Innovation in the Morocco
ASSAD Jal - U. Hassan II - MA

Design Economic Growth and Firm Performance
BILDIRICI Melike, BOHUR Eda - Yildiz Technical University - TK

The R&D and Integration Problem in Complements

Fusion Technology and Its Value: Evidence from Korean Patent Data
CHOO Kineung , KIM Karp-Soo, LEE Keun - Korea Institute of Intellectual Property - JP

Civil Sector Vs Military Sector in France : A Complementary Analysis of Patent's Spillovers
DIVIALLE Frédérick - University of Paris 1 - Pantheon-Sorbonne - FR

To Promote Service Innovation: A Proposal of New IPR to Protect and Share Innovative Services
HATAKAMA Hiroshi - Bunkyo University - JP

Evaluation of Research and Development Team Structure
IINO Yurie , HIROKAWA Sachio - Kyushu University - JP

International Development and Diffusion of Climate-Friendly Technologies

Drug Pipelines and Pharmaceutical Licensing
NISHIMURA Junichi, OKADA Yosuke, TAKATORI Toshiro - Hitotsubashi University - JP

Productivity and the Effect of Software Intellectual Property Rights of Korean Software Industry
OH DongHyun, SUH Dukrok - Royal Institute of Technology & Seoul National U. - KR

Optimal Policy to Balance Biopharma Drugs and Innovation in India
RAKHI Rashmi - Jawaharlal Nehru University - IN

A Policy Insight into the R&D-Patent Relationship

To Clarify the R&D Phases of Inventions by Measuring the Degree of Integration ongst Technologies of Different Fields in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) using Patent Data
SAKATA Junichi , SUZUKI Katsuhiro, HOSOYA Jun - Waseda University - JP

Reward to Innovator: Social Pricing of IPR in Agriculture
SEN Chandra - Banaras Hindu University - IN

Japan's FTA Strategy: Why It's Important for Asian Innovation and Why It's Important for Asian Corporations
TSUJOMOTO Sean , FUJISUE Kenzo - House of Councillors & Waseda University -JP

Delays in International Patent Application Outcomes
WEBSTER Beth , PALANGKARAYA Alfons, JENSEN Paul - University of Melbourne - AU

Virtual Session
(Scientific Papers given to the Conference by people not present in Tokyo , Hitotsubashi University )


Privatization of Knowledge: Did the U.S. Get It Right?
COZZI Guido, GALLI Silvia - University of Glasgow - UK

The Impact of International Technology Transfer on Technology Production in OECD countries
DIAS-ARIAS Adriana, VAN-BEERS Cees - Delft University of Technology - NL

Technological Knowledge Network and Innovation
KISHI Naoko - Meiji Gakuin University - JP

R&D, Knowledge Spillovers, and Tobin's Q
FUNG Michael K - Hong Kong Polytechnic University - CN

Patent bushes in Standard-Setting Organizations – Implications for Antitrust Policy and the Design of IP Rules

The Determinants of Innovation Persistence: A Study of Patent Spells of Small Technology Firms
JANG Show-Ling - National Taiwan University -KR

The Determinants of Innovation for Emerging Economies: Evidence from Taiwan and South Korea
JANG Show-Ling - National Taiwan University - KR

Strategic Partnership and Its Effect on External Learning of Technology Descendents: Evidence of Taiwan 's Flat Panel Display Industry
JANG Show-Ling, LO Shihmin, CHEN Jennifer - National Taiwan University - TW

Determinants of Innovation in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Belgium
KERGELS Chantal , BIATOUR Bernadette - Federal Planning Bureau -BE

Borders and Distance in Knowledge Spillovers: Dying over Time or Dying with Age? Evidence from Patent Citations
LI Yao - University of Western Ontario - US

Measuring the Effectiveness of R&D Tax Credits in the Netherlands
LOKSHIM Boris, MOHNEN Pierre - University of Maastricht - NL

Economic Incongruities in the European Patent Systems
MEJER Malwina, van POTTELSBERGHE de la Potterie Bruno - Université Libre de Bruxelles - BE

The London Agreement and the Cost of Patenting in Europe
MEJER Malwina, van POTTELSBERGHE de la Potterie Bruno - Université Libre de Bruxelles - BE

A Renewed Vision of the Role of Patents and Citations in Innovation
MOUSSA Inès - LEREPS, Université de Toulouse - FR

Patent Innovation and Productivity Growth of Nordic Countries at the Firm-Level: A Non-Parametric Approach
OH Dong-Hyun , IVERSEN Eric, MAKINEN Liro, LOOF Hans - Royal Institute of Technology & Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation - NO

Positive Assortive Merging
ORNAGHI Carmine - University of Southampton - UK

How Does the Combination of R&D and Types of Knowledge Matter for Patenting Choice?
PEREZ-LUNO Ana, VALLE-CABRERA Rón - Universidad Pablo de Olavide - ES

Competence Creation and Internationalization of R&D
SCHMIDT-EHMCKE Jens, ZLOCZYSTI P. - Europa Universität Viadrina & Freie Universität Berlin - DE

Foreign Direct Investors in Post-Socialist Economies: an Explorative Analysis into the Role of Host Economy Intellectual Property Rights Regimes
SCHNELLBÄCHER Benedikt, STEPHAN Johannes - Halle Institute for Economic Research - DE

Innovation Policy Reform
TAKALO Tuomas, TANAYAMA Tanja, TOIVANEN Otto - Bank of Finland & HECER - FI

Long Live Patents: the Increasing Life Expectancy of Patent Applications and its Determinants
Van ZEEBROECK Nicolas - Université Libre de Bruxelles - BE

Patents Only Live Twice: a Patent Survival Analysis in Europe
Van ZEEBROECK Nicolas - Université Libre de Bruxelles -BE

Patent Laws and Innovation in China
YUEK Linda - University of Oxford - UK