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Naples - June 01 & 02, 2006

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Scientific Program Unemployment Chomage


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Canevas du Programme Scientifique

Je 01/06/06

 Session par affiche 1

09h00 – 09h30


09h30 – 10h30

Conférence Magistrale: FOUGERE

11h00 - 12h30

14h00 – 15h30

16h00 – 17h30

17h45 – 19h15

Fr 02/06/06

 Session par affiche 2

08h30 – 10h15

11h30 – 12h30

Panel Discussion with HUTCHINSON

14h00 – 15h30

16h00 – 17h30



Keynote Speech - 01/06/2006 - 08h45-10h30

  Evaluating Employment Programms
by Denis FOUGERE - Cnrs & Crest-Insee (FR)

Analysis of Activ Labour Market Policies - 01/06/2006 - 11h00-12h30

  The Effectiveness of European Active Labor Market Policy
Jochen Kluve - RWI Essen (DE)

  The Canadian Self-Sufficiency Demonstration Project: The Impact of Heterogeneous Treatments and Self-selection
Guy Lacroix ; D. Brouillette - U. Laval (CA)

  Modeling Labor Market Reforms in a Developing Economy
Lucas Navarro - Queen Mary U. of London; J. Albrecht, S. Vroman – Georgetown U. (UK)

  Making Work Pay'in a Rationed Labour Market: the Mini-Job Reform in Germany
Kristian Orsini – KUL (BE); O. Bargain – IZA (FR); M. Callendo, P. Hann – DIW Berlin (DE)

  The Impact of the Italian “Mobility Lists” on Re-Employment Chances: New Evidence From Linked Administrative Archives
Ugo Trivellato , A. Paggiaro, E. Rettore - U. di Padova (IT)

Unemployment Duration and Insurance - 01/06/2006 - 11h30-12h30

  Unemployment Benefits: Between Efficiency and Equality
Audrey Desbonnet - CES, U. Paris 1 (FR)

  Marginal Effects for Competing Risks Models with Piecewise-Constant Hazards
Tomi Kyyrä - Gov. Inst. for Eco. Research (FI)

  Has Long Become Longer or Has Short Become Shorter? Evidence from a Censored Quantile Regression Analysis of Changes in the Distribution of U.S. Unemployment Duration
Pedro Portugal , J. Guimarães, J.Machado – U. Nova de Lisboa (PT)

  Determinants of Duration of Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Turkey
Hasan Sahin , B. Kizilirmak - Ankara U. (TR)

  The Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Unemployment Duration and Subsequent Employment Stability
Konstantinos Tatsiramos - IZA, (DE)

  A Model of Complete Employment and Unemployment Duration
Ioannis Theodossiou – U. of Macedonia , G. Zariotiadis – U. of Ioannina (UK)

Unemployment's MacroEconomics - 01/06/2006 - 14h00-15h30

  Equilibrium Unemployment, Capital Accumulation and Monetary Policy: Theory and Evidence from Britain .
George Chouliarakis - U. of Manchester (UK)

   Inflation Forecasts, Monetary Policy Shocks and Unemployment Dynamics:
evidence from the US and the Euro Area

Matteo Ciccarelli - ECB; Carlo Altavilla Naples U.(IT)

  The Econometric Evaluation of the NDLP
Peter Dolton – U. London; J. Smith, U. Michigan; J. Azevedo, U. Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK)

  Wage Rigidity and Inflation
Steinar Holden, Fredrik Wulfsberg - U. of Oslo (NO)

  Glass Ceiling or Sticky Floor? Exploring the Australian Gender Pay Gap Using Quantile Regression and Counterfactual Decomposition Methods
Hiau Joo Kee - The Australian National U. (AU)

  Welfare and Labor Market Consequences of Immigration Policy
Yohanes E. Riyanto , Y. Aksoy, O. Kibris - National U. of Singapore (SG)

  Determination of Duration of Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Fabiano Schivardi - Bank of Italy (IT)

Unemployment, Inflation and Real Wages - 01/06/2006 - 16h00-17h30

  Nominal Wage Indexation and Real Wage Dynamics
Marco Guerrazzi - U. of Pisa (IT)

  Low Pay Persistence in European Union Labour Markets
Nikolaos Kanellopoulos - U. of Manchester (UK)

  Estimating the New Keynesian Phillips Curve at Regional Level: Evidence from Italy
Carla Massidda , P. Mattana – U. of Cagliari (IT)

  The European Tme-Varying NAIRU and the Role of Monetary Policy
Alberto Montagnoli – U. of Stirling; O. Napolitano – Brunel U. (IT)

  The Cyclicaty of Real Wages: Evidence From OECD Countries
Chiara Strozzi - U.' di Modena e Reggio Emilia (IT)

Evaluation of Training Programs - 01/06/2006 - 16h00-17h30

  Non-Experimental Evaluation of Training Programs: Evidence for Spain
Begoña Cueto , J. Mato - U. of Oviedo (ES)

    Costs and Benefits of Publicly Financed Training in Germany
Lutz C. Kaiser , U. Rinne, H, Schneider - IZA (DE)

  Employment Causal Effects of Public Employment Programmes: a conditional difference-in-differences application for Portugal
Alcina Nunes , P. Teixeira - Inst. Politécnico de Bragança Coimbra (PT)

  A Comprehensive Evaluation of ESF Financed Labour Market Policy in Germany
Michael Rothgang , V Gross, M. Schumacher - RWI Essen (DE)

  The Impact of Labor Market Reform on the Effectiveness of Training Programs in Germany
Hilmar Schneider , A. Uhlendorff, Z. Zhao - IZA (DE)

Unemployment, Innovation and R&D - 01/06/2006 - 17h45-19h30

  Micro Evidence of the Effects of Technical Change on Labour Productivity for Large International R&D Firms
Luigi Aldieri , A. Garofalo, C.P. Vinci - U. of Naples (IT)

  Externalities and Increasing Returns in Scientific Production
Maria Rosaria Carillo , E. Papagni - U. of Naples Parthenope (IT)

  Social Policies and R&D Subsidies: Impact on Inequality, Unemployment, Growth and the Tax Burden
Nathalie Chusseau , J. Hellier - MEDEE, U. Lille 1; IFRESI-CNRS (FR)

  Skill Biased Technological Change and Endogenous Benefits: The Dynamics of Unemployment and Wage Inequality
Alfred Garloff - ZEW (DE)

  Negative Income Tax and Technological Choices in a Matching Model with Differentiation of Skills
Pedro Lages Dos Santos , S. Amine - CERENE, U. du Havre (FR)

  Evaluating Innovation and Labour Market Relationship: the case of Italy
Fabrizion Pompei , L. Pieroni - U. of Perugia (IT)


Working Time and Contracts - 01/06/2006 - 17h45-19h30

  Employers' Demand for Part-Time Workers: Incidence and Motives in Germany and the Netherlands
Piet Allaart , L. Bellmann - IAB , OSA (NL))

  Exit from Short-Term Contract: a French Micro-Econometric Study
Mohamed Ali Ben Halima - U. Lyon 2 (FR)

  Compensation of on-Call and Fixed-Term Employment: the Role of Uncertainty
Marloes de Graaf-Zijl - U. of Amsterdam (NL)

  How do Changes in Regulation Affect Employment Duration in Temporary Work Agencies?
Manfred Antoni - IAB, Elke Jutta Jahn U. of Erlangen-Nuernberg, IZA (DE)

  Work-Sharing Revisited: Lessons from a Natural Experiment
Jose Varejao - Fac. de Economia do Porto (PT)

  Market Work, Home Production, Consumer Demand and Unemployment among the Unskilled
Matthias Weiss - MEA, U. Mannheim (DE)

Poster session 1 - 01/06/2006 - 08:30 - 19h30

  Urban Labour Market Dynamics;Gender Wage and Employment Inequality in Ethiopia.
Teshome Adugna - Ethiopia Civil Service College (ET)

  Essai d'évaluation de la politique de lutte contre le chômage des jeunes en Algérie: le dispositif de la micro entreprise, les Contrats de Pré Emploi et les Emplois Salariés d'Initiative locale
Baya Arhab - U. de Béjaïa (DZ)

  Les dispositifs de lutte contre le chômage et d'insertion des femmes au marché du travail dans la wilaya de Béjaïa : état des lieux et perspectives
Matouk Belattaf - U. de Béjaïa (DZ)

  Structural Reforms and the Exchange Rate Regime: A Panel Analysis for the World versus OECD Countries
Ansgar Belke - U. of Hohenheim ; B. Herz, L. Vogel U. Bayreuth (DE)

  Do Capital Market and Trade Liberalization Trigger Labor Market Deregulation?
Herve Boulhol - U. Paris 1, IXIS CIB (FR)

  The Incidence and Persistence of Male Unemployment in Greece
Michael Demoussis , N Giannakopoulos - U. of Patras (GR)

  Stabilizing Employment: the Fitness of Competing Policy Rules
Antonio Garofalo , C. Altavilla, C. Vinci - U. of Naples (IT)

  Self-Employment in Iran Labour Market
Salleh Ghavidel , F. Azad – Iran U. (IR)

  Value of Work and Unemployment in the Baltic States and Germany 1990-1999
Anke Hoehne - Martin-Luther-U.; Halle-Wittenberg, A. Motiejunaite – Baltic Graduate School (DE)

  Labor Supply and the “Price” of Reducing Tax Evasion
Shima Isilda - U. of Turin (IT)

  Labor Productivity and a Chaotic Economic Growth Model:EU and USA
Vesna Jablanovic - U. of Belgrade (YU)

  The Minimum Wage and the Informal Sector – An Application of a Difference-in-Difference Estimation Strategy to a Developing Country Labour Market
Melanie Khamis - London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)

 Does subsidized training favour labour productivity and employment in Belgium
Benoit Mahy, Mélanie Voral - U. of Mons (BE)

  Crime and European Labour Market Policy
Carsten Ochsen - U. of Rostock (DE)

  Working Hours for Sale!
Florent Pratlong , E. Campens - U. Paris 1 (FR)

  Does High Product Market Competition Benefit Women and Immigrants?
Pål Schøne - Institute for social Research (NO)

  Identifying Strategies on Ageing in Six European Countries
Silvia Lucciarini – U. “ La Sapienza ” Roma; M. Crisci – IRPPS CNR (IT)

  Wage Dispersion and Equilibrium Search Models: Some Evidence from Italy
Giovanni Sulis - U. of Essex , U. of Cagliari (IT)

  The Appointment of the Unemployed : a Model of Headhunters.
Solenne Tanguy , E. Campens -U. Paris 1 (FR)

  Pertinence des politiques d'emploi et genre dans une économie sud méditerranéen
Ahmed Toui l, M. BenBouziane - U. Tlemcen (DZ)

  Base Period, Qualifying Period and the Equilibrium Rate of Unemployment
Thomas Wagner - U. of Applied Sciences, Elke Jutta Jahn U. of Erlangen-Nuernberg, IZA (DE)


Poster session 2 - 02/06/2006 - 08h00 - 18h00

  The Real Effects of Labour Market Dynamics: Searching for Causal Interaction
Carlo Altavilla , A. Garofalo, C. Vinci - U. of Naples (IT)

 In-work Policies in Europe: Killing Two Birds with One Stone?
Olivier Bargain – IZA Bonn (FR); K. Orsini – KU Leuven (BE)

  Unemployment Persistence: an Unobserved Component Approach
Tino Berger , G. Everaert - U. of Ghent (BE)

  La qualité de l'emploi en France : tendance et cycle
Florent Fremigacci , Y. L'Horty - U. d'Evry Val d'Essonne (FR)

  Establishment Size and the Dispersion of Wages: Evidence from European Countries
Thierry Lallemand , F. Rycx – Free U. of Brussels (BE)

  Firm Training and Wage Rigidity
Wolfgang Lechthaler - U. St.Gallen (CH)

  Pareto Improving Unemployment Policies
Joerg Lingens – U.Regensburg; K. Wälde – U. Würzburg (DE)

  Employment and Welfare Consequences of Centralized Wage Setting
Mario Macis - U. of Chicago (US)

  Co-Employment of Hired and Rented Hands: Fairness Concerns and Social Comparison under Multiple Fairness Foci
Andreas Nicklisch - Max Planck Institute; D. Alewell Friedrich-Schiller U. (DE)

  Wage Distribution in Four European Countries: Evidence from Manufacturing Industry
Laura Pagani , C. D'ell Aringa- U. di Milano Bicocca (IT)

  Learning From Out-Performer Schools Serving the Poorest to Close the Educational Gap
Ricardo Paredes, C. Palomar - U. Católica de Chile (CL)

  Wages and the Bargaining Regime under Multi-level Bargaining : Belgium, Denmark and Spain.
Michael Rusinek, R. Plasman, F. Rycx – Free U. of Brussels (BE)

  Inter-industry Wage Differentials, Profits and Rent-sharing. Evidence from Matched Worker-firm Data, 1995-2002.
Ilan Tojerow, R. Plasman, F. Rycx - Free U. of Brussels (BE)

  Market Labour Structure and Growth Performance in Italian Regions
Marcella D'Uva , R de Siano - U. of Naples (IT)

  Long -Term Labour Market Inactivity of Women in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Marie Valentova - CEPS/INSTEAD (LU)

  On Employment and Wage Evolutions: Is there any Hidden Cyclical Behaviour?
Concetto Vinci – U Salerno  ; C Altavilla, A Garofalo – U. Naples (IT)

Labour in India's Organised Manufacturing Sector
Sunanda Sen, B Dasgupta - U. New Delhi (IN)


Gender and the Labour Market - 02/06/2006 - 08h30-10h15

  Gender and Ethnicity in the New Zealand Labour Market Participation Decision
Murat Genç, W.R.J Alexander , - U. of Otago (NZ)

  The Gender Wage Gap and Education in Italy
Donata Favaro , T. Addabbo - U. Padova (IT)

  The Comparative Effectiveness of Public Policies to Fight Motherhood-Induced Employment Penalties and Decreasing Fertility in the Former EU-15
Jérôme De Henau , D. Meulders, S. O'Dorchai - Free U. of Brussels (BE)

  Parenting, Employment and Gender Roles: Comparative Analysis of Russia and Sweden
Zhanna Kravchenko , A Motiejunaite - Baltic and East European Graduate School , Södertörns högskola (SE)

  Qualité des emplois et genre: les effets croisés des statuts et des horaires de travail.
Séverine Lemière, C. Marc- U. Paris 1 (FR)

  Employment Dynamics of Married Women in Europe
Pierre-Carl Michaud , K Tatsiramos - RAND (US)

Wage's Economics    - 02/06/2006 - 08h30-10h15

  Wage Responsiveness to Local Labour Market Conditions: Was the Italian Wage Curve Aaffected by Labour Market Institutions' Reforms?
Agata Maida, F. Devicienti, L. Pacelli - U of Torino (IT)

  Variable-Compensation and Employment-Stability: Evidence from the Canadian Workplace and Employee Survey
Timothy Cook - University of Toronto , (CA)

  The Wage to Age Relation in Italy: A Study with INPS Administrative Data
Elena Giarda - PROMETEIA (IT)

  Modelling the Age-Dependent Personal Income Distribution in the USA
Ivan Kitov - Russian Academy of Sciences (RU)

  On the Link between Education and Wages: Evidence by Gender for Spain.
Mario F. Rueda , L Navarro, A Caparrós - U. de Málaga (ES)

  Ceiling and Floors: Is There a Pay Gap Between Lone Parents and Parents Living in Couple in Europe?
Salimata Sissoko , R. Plasman - Free U. of Brussels (BE)

Schooling, Human Capital and the Labour Market - 02/06/2006 - 08h30-10h15

 Labor Supply, School Attendance and Remittances from International Migration: The Case of El Salvador
Pablo Acosta - U. of Illinois (US)

  Estimating Human Capital's Returns in a Segmented Labour Market Through Mixture Regressions: an Application for the Italian Labour Market
Michele Battisti - U. Luiss Guido Carli (IT)

  La segmentation du marché du travail : Analyse empirique de la théorie de Cain (1976).
Magali Jaoul-Grammare – U. Montpellier 1 (FR)

  Birth Order Matters: The Effect of Family Size and Birth Order on Educational Attainment
Hiau Joo Kee , A. Booth - Australian National U. (AU)

  Training, Mobility and Wages: Specific vs. General Human Capital
Anja Kuckulenz , A Garloff - ZEW (DE)

  The Contribution of Human capital to the Growth Process: New Panel Results for Italy
Paolo Mattana , R. Piras - U. di Cagliari (IT)

  Job-to-Job and Job-to-Non-Employment Transitions: Does Education Matter? A Cross-Country Comparison
A. Zangelidis , Ioannis Théodossiou - Centre for European Market Research (CELMR), Business School (UK)



Débat Discussion - 02/06/2006 - 11h30-12h30

About the report presented by Alain HUTCHINSON about
Relocation in Europe and the European Policy

uk report                rapport fr


"Groups at Risk" Specific Policies Aspects - 02/06/2006 - 14h00-15h30

  Trainees' Marketability of Selected Youth Pre-Employment Training Program: a Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis
Abd Hair Awang - National U. of Malaysia (MY)

  How Easy is it For Minorities to Get a Job?
Souhail Chichah - Free U. of Brussels (BE)

  Home Alone? Labour Market Conditions, Home-Leaving, Home-Leaving, Labour Market Entry and Educational Participation in Italy 1993-2003
Niall O'Higgins - U. di Salerno (IT)

  Les programmes d'insertion des jeunes en Cote d'Ivoire et leur évaluation
Kouadio Clément Kouakou - CIRES (CI)

  The Transition from School-to-Work: The Role of Vocationally-Oriented Education Programs
Elda Pema , S-L Mehay - Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Naval Postgraduate School (US)

  Evaluation des politiques publiques de l'emploi en France: 1997-2003
Sofia Pessoa e Costa - U. Paris XII (FR)

Labour Market Institutions and Policies - 01/06/2006 - 14h00-15h30

  How does Employment Protection Legislation a ect Firm Investment? The European Case
Giorgio Calcagnini, Germana Giombini - U. degli Studi di Urbino (IT)

  Employment Effects of a Payroll Tax Cut – Evidence from a Regional Tax Exemption Experiment
Ossi Korkeamäki , R. Uusitalo - Gov. Inst. for Eco. Research (DE)

  Unemployment and Labor Market Rigidities in Southeast Europe
Maja Micevska - U. of Klagenfurt (AT)

  The Impact of Social Security Reform on Retirement Saving
Oreste Napolitano , M. Bonasia - U of Naples, Parthenope (IT)

  Labour Market Institutions and Unemployment Revisited
Carsten Ochsen – U. of Rostok (DE)

  Can Punishment Explain Life-Cycle Profile of Tax Evasion?
Maria Shikalova - U. of Oslo (NO)


Unemployment's MicroEconomics - 02/06/2006 - 16h00-17h30

  Italian and Spanish Unemployed Workers. Why Don't They Move?
Raquel Fonseca - RAND (IT)

  Micro-Economic Analysis of Unemployment Persistence in Belgium
Amynah Gangji , R. Plasman -Free U. of Brussels (BE)

  Six Ways to Leave Unemployment
Pedro Portugal - Banco de Portugal; J.T. Addison (PT)

  A Model for Forecasting Unemployment in Italian Regions
Alessandra Righi , L. Tronti – ISTAT; M. Gentile (IT)

  Is Self-Employment an Efficient Way Out of Unemployment? A comparison of economic outcomes for unemployed and wage-earners who become self-employed
Eskil Wadensjö , P. Andersson - Swedish Institute for Social Research (SE)

  An Equilibrium Search Model of the Informal Sector with Evidence From South Africa
Frank Walsh - U. College Dublin (IE); E. Strobl – Polytechnique (FR)