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Naples - June 01 & 02, 2006

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The conference will be heald at the University of Naples Parthenope.

Be careful, the University has many location in the city.
We are in a beautiful monumental complexe at the North-East of the city :

Villa Doria d'Angri
Via Petrarca, 80 -
Tel. Fax + 39 081 5475401

The following plan helps you, I hope, for a better localization:

you can also charge this image with a better definition (480Ko)
You can use also ViaMichelin, Mappy, or Maporama
You can also see Naples (and Vesuvius) moreover higher, from satellite

Some websites to prepare your trip to Naples

For a first contact, the official Italian Tourist Office
The place of interest for Area CAMPANIA; all tourist places, all the monuments [ Cloisters, chapels, churches, historic monuments, archaeological sites, parks... ] described with precision
The portal of Naples city
A beautiful photo gallery

You can buy the Lonely Planet. book about Naples and the Amalfi Coast , published April 2005.

Arrive to Naples

by Air

The international airport of Naples proposes to you on his site the list of all the companies and all the assured destinations (direct flight), very convenient to establish its flight plan! You will be able to note that Naples is an airport well connected to the German cities by low cost companies !

From Airport, you will take the public shuttle which for 3 € will lead you in down town "piazza Municipio" (except if you wish to stop before at the central station).

Rome is very close [1h1/2 by train! but there are also flights! ], it can be a good idea to arrive by the airport of Rome. The choice of companies and direct destinations is obviously much larger, it is also easier to find a good price (for example on Eurofly a flight on New York for 299€ or on Paris a flight on national company for 175€). You will be able to be offered the train in first class and a feast to Rome (or in Naples).
             All companies landing in Ciampino or Fiumicino .

You have some information on the site of LowCost. On AttitudeTravel you will find the list of all the low cost companies which land in Italy.

by Train

Naples has several railway stations (including two for the traffic long distance: the central station (the district can be "hot" and it is opposit side to the location of the Conference), and Campi Flegrei (for 22€ to 32 € in first class) which is only 1h35 from Rome and which is side of the place of the Conference. You can consult the site of the Italian railroads TrenItalia or that very ergonomic of BundesBahn.

To circulate in Naples and to go to the Conference

To circulate in Naples

You will have to walk in down town, but you can also travel by the subway, tram, funiculars... and others. It is a little difficult to know; consult only the website (in Italian): that of Daniele Pizzo which gives about complete information.

I dont find planes for the buses or updated plan for the subway.

To use these transports only one ticket: "Unico Napoli" that you can acquire for 1 €, it will enable you to travel 90 minutes, or 3 € for the day. [ a similar system "Unico Campania", with durations lengthened according to the distance, exists for the ways in Campanie, except Naples centre town ]

To go to the Conference from downtown

Simplest is to take a taxi by knowing that we are in the north of the city in edge of sea, near Mergellina and at the beginning of the district of Posillipo

Public transport is not very convenient. From the centre town (the top of the place "municipio") to take the R3 line until Mergellina "del Leone" then C21 to go down to the stop "Petrarca"(3rd stop) near to the conference's location.

To circulate around (and after the conference)

A important rail network around Naples (English site, with plan, and routes)
a line very attended for its interest for the tourists: CircumVesuviana
A network per boat "Metro del Mare"








You have three possibilities to find you a lodging for the duration of the Conference:

To trust in our partner
To trust in the local organizers
To seek yourselves on the Web


You can trust in our partner.

You can trust in our local committee
and download his lodging's list (word format)

To be given these tariffs, you must reserve quickly and announce that you come for the AEA conference at the Parthenope University ("congresso AEA all' Università di Parthenope" or "Parthenope University tariff").

Best Western Paradiso Via Catullo 11 - 80122 Napoli
Tel. +39 081 2475111
in Venere or TripAdvisor
Special Price Single Room € 100 - Double Room € 140
( 15-20 Rooms Available in the period)

Hotel Mediterraneo Via Ponte Di Tappia, 25, 0000, Napoli
Tel. +39 06.452.218.480 - Fax: +39 081995067
in Venere or TripAdvisor
Special Price : € 130

Jolly Hotel Napoli Via Medina 70 - 80133 Napoli
Tel. +39 081 4105111
in Venere or Trip Advisor
Special Price Single Room € 109 - Double Room € 129 - Double Deluxe € 149
( 30+20 Rooms Available in the period)

Mercure Angioino Via Agostino Depretis 123 - 80123 Napoli
Tel. +39 081 5529500 - 081 5512800
in Venere or TripAdvisor
Special Price Single Room € 114 - Double Single Use € 124 - Double Room € 137
( 20 Rooms Available in the period )

Palazzo Turchini Via Medina 21-22 - 80132 Napoli
Tel. +39 081 5510606
In Venere ou TripAdvisor
Special Price Double Single Use € 130

Grand Hotel Oriente Via Diaz 44, 80134 Napoli, Italia
Tel. +39 081 551 21 33 - fax +39 081 551 49 15
in TripAdvisor
Special Price Single Room € 105 - Double Single Use € 125
( 50 Rooms Available in the period )

Hotel San Marco Calata San Marco 26 - 80133 Napoli
Tel. +39 081 552 03 38
in Venere or TripAdvisor
Special Price Double Room - or Double Single Use € 100
( 5 Rooms Available in the period)

MH HOTEL Via Chiaia, 245 - Napoli
Tel. +39 081 195 71576 – 081 195 71575
i n TripAdvisor
Special Price Double Single Use € 110 - Double Room € 140
( 6 Rooms available in the period).

You can use Internet for your online reservation.
You can test the availabilities (and prices?) by a good comparative website.
A useful site to know the opinions of the travellers on the quality of the hotels

Other websites: RatesToGo ou HotelClub ou Hotels

More specific reservation's websites for Italy and the Neapolitan area

The first for Italy (with an easy preselection by district)
A specialist in lodgings at a cheap rate
A specialist in late reservation
With a broad choice complementary to B&B, apartments, agritourism, historic building, ...
The portal for lodging of Naples and its area


Some Tourism before or after the conference

If you do not have ideas, will see these suggestions made in all the languages by a hotel
You said "Capri"?
or "Amalfi"?
or "Pompei - Herculanum - Bosoreale - Orlantis - Stabia" ?

Some more ...

You cannot come to Naples and not know ALL on the Mozzarella.

Initially, will know that it is of true Mozzarella only of Bufala, i.e. containing milk of bufflonne. then, that you will be able to taste the best only in Naples...

because it is the center of the denomination and that you will be able to eat it fresh.

One restaurant Fratelli la Bufala - unforgettable and yet a multinational corporation ! [also Via F.Caracciolo, 10 et P.zza Leonardo, 10]
A shop to buy Mozzarella
place to be rented
And now a small teaching in 3 websites  
One blog (in french)

All ?

and even a test on line (of mozzarella from Switzerland) with a small film in .rm format

another speciality (succulent and pastry) of Naples the sfogliatelles ... but seek a little by yourself !
Some informations abaout the Weather ?

Consulte meteo123 for his 10 days forecast
5 days forecast, but especially retrospective statistics of the climate
Some time different forecast
And for the weather of this day, look directly at this webcam
or choose another!!