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Naples - June 01 & 02, 2006

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Conference Presentation

Chair of the Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee
Yunus AKSOY Birkbeck College CV
Orley ASHENFELTER Princeton U. CV
Peter BENCZUR Central European U. CV
Luigi CAMPIGLIO U. Cattolica del Sacro Cuore CV
Gilbert CETTE Bank of France CV
Piero CIPOLLONE Banca d'Italia CV
Peter DOLTON Newcastle U. CV
Christian DUSTMANN U.C.L. CV
Denis FOUGERE Bank of France CV
Maia GUELL U. Pompeu Fabra CV
Maria KARAMESSINI Panteion U. CV
Benoît MAHY University of Mons-Hainaut CV
Stefano SCARPETTA World BanK CV
Nina  SMITH Aarhus School of Business CV
Donald STORRIE U. of Göteborg CV
Ioannis THEODOSSIOU U. Macedonia CV
Jan Van OURS Tilburg U. CV
Eskil WADENJÖ Stockolm U. CV
Niels WESTERGAARD-NIELSEN Aarhus School of Business CV

Local Committee
Carlo ALTAVILLA U. of Napoli Parthenope CV
Antonio GAROFALO U. of Napoli Parthenope CV
Concetto Paolo VINCI U. of Salerno CV

Organisation Committee
Frédérick DIVIALLE Fedeco


The scourge of unemployment has been roundly identified as one of the most pressing social and economic problem on the current political agenda. Much of Europe remains plagued by high levels of unemployment.
Although recent years have been characterised to some extent by improvements in the labour market performances it still remains a stumbling-block against which economists and politicians collide.

What seems hard interpreting and, at the same time, interesting to further investigate is why there are rather large cross-country differences in the labour market performances, and why such a phenomenon particularly affects specific population segments (adults and youngest). In addition the peculiarity that it concerns a large number of workers for rather long time periods makes this social burden even more difficult to tackle. Nor does empirical evidence give any straight verdict on the instruments able to handle such occurrence.

The conference aims at critically assessing both the orthodox and heterodox views to outline alternative explanations for cross-country trends in employment performance.

In particular the challenge of the conventional wisdom will be outlined through original quantitative contributions on the following topics: Active Labour Market Programmes, Wage Setting Policies, Working Hours and Working Time Organisation, Labour Market Participation and Employment Rate Migrations, "Gender" and "Age" specific Policies Aspects, Underground Economy and Unemployment, Impact of Monetary Policies on Unemployment, Economic Policies and Labour Market Outcomes (Relocation, Trade, Specialisation, Fiscal policies), International coordination, Evaluation and efficiency

Publication policy of the AEA
All participants of the conference will have a booklet with the abstracts and a CD-Rom with all full texts presented during the conference. These documents are available to all people through our website for abstracts, but only AEA members can download the full text (which can be update later by the authors).
Mainly from the conference's papers, and if a person can assume the edition, we publish a book in the AEA's series, administrated by Palgrave; this requires a selection on a restricted topic.
the Scientific committee will publish, as invited editor special items in selected journals

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TOPICS (Last proposals BEFORE fébruary 22th 2006, very last papers could be accepted until mai 06, their presentation will be in poster session)

   Active Labour Market Programmes

    Wage Setting Policies

   Working Hours and Working Time Organisation

   Labour Market Participation and Employment Rate Migrations

   "Gender" and "Age" specific Policies Aspects

   Underground Economy and Unemployment

   Impact of Monetary Policies on Unemployment

   Economic Policies and Labour Market Outcomes




   Fiscal policies...

   International coordination

   Evaluation and efficiency 

If you wish to make a presentation on one of these topics address a proposal starting from the website and complete the online form.

The authors will be, after examination of their proposal by the scientific committee, advised before the end of
March 2006.