For the abstracts of you proposal of communication, you can help us in respecting the following standards
Download an exemple in word format ] :

- A substancial abstract (with the main results, not only the topic!)  but, on 1 page A4 format (marges at 2,5 cm) around 3500 caracters.
- It had to be send in .doc or.rtf (Please, no .pdf, who can't be open, and protected).
- A standardized working
          Font ARIAL, simple interspace
          Title in top, centered, in fat, and in arial size 14
          Name and mail of the author(s) under the title, centered, in fat, and in arial, siez 12
          Firm or institution after this, in the same format
          Justified text in arial 12, spacelanding 6 points before paragraph


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