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April, 07& 08, 2005
Scientific Committee

Pavlos KARADELOGLOU, BCE, Francfort     CV

Sanvi AVOUYI-DOVI Banque de France
Jeannine BAILLIU Banque du Canada
Michel BEINE  Dulbea, U. Lille
Jörg CLOSTERMANN U. Ingolstadt
Virginie COUDERT
Banque de France
Zsolt DARVAS Banque Centrale Hongrie
Christian DUNIS Cibef, Liverpool BSchool
Sergei V. KAMBUROV Bank de Russie
Hee-Sik KIM Banque de Corée
Marion KOHLER Reserve Bank of Australia
Catherine KYRTSOU U. Macedonia
Dieter NAUTZ Goethe U. Frankfurt
Giovanna PALADINO SanPaoloIMI, Rome CV
Patrice PIERETTI U. Luxembourg
Henri SERBAT AEA, Paris
Virginie TERRAZA U. Luxembourg
Ján TÓTH ING Bank, Slovaquie
Local Commitee    
U. Luxembourg
Frédérick DIVIALLE Fedeco

All on the EXCHANGE RATE Economy !!

But this single topic also in common has the fact of being approached with the need to test the economic assumptions advanced on data; the scientific tools used can concern the analysis of data, of the processing of time series, total or sectoral modeling, even of the theory of game in the final analysis of économetrics (in the broad sense of the term).

The object of this conference is to give a progress report on the recent developments of the econometrics applied to Exchange Rate.


Working Language



Fields :
The conference topics include :

1. Exchange rate impact on the economy
1. Common currency and trade (euro area, third countries)
2. Firms sensibility to exchange rate variations
3. Exchange rate impact on commodity prices
4. Exchange rate and market pricing

2. Determinants and forecasts of exchange rate
1. Exchange rate determinants in the short, medium and long term
2. Exchange rate forecast
3. Financial integration, financial investment strategies and exchange rate determination
4. Capital movements and exchange rate determination
5. Exchange rate pass-through
6. Explanatory factors of pass-through (trade composition, pricing behaviour etc)
7. Exchange rate and current account imbalances

3. Exchange rate and monetary policy
1. Weight of exchange rate in monetary policy
2. Exchange rate reactions on monetary policy decisions
3. Communication policy and exchange rate
4. Exchange rate and intervention
5. Exchange rate and reserve accumulation
6. Exchange rate, monetary policy and capital control

4. Exchange rate regimes
1. New Exchange Rate Mecanism (ERM II)
2. New EU Member States and their exchange rate
3. China’s exchange rate regime
4. Asian countries exchange rate regime
5. Important currencies fluctuations ($, €, ¥, £, Y, )




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