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Patras - September 10th, 2004

Download the inscription form in pdf version

Methods of inscriptions :

You can regulate your share in the expenses of organization, directly near the Applied Econometrics Association at his office.
Seen can also download the form in "doc" version or PDF version and to return it to us by email (aea@fed-eco.org) or postal way, with your réglement.
(For this conference you haven't the possibility for a online registration)

AEA - 53, rue Saint Denis - 75001 Paris.

Prices :

A "special" tariff is reserved for the members of our Association.

Various formules of adhesions are proposed to you:

- Individual inscription 115

- Professional inscription. It allows your company, institution, service, undertaken to register three other collaborators with the manifestations of the AEA to the tariff member. This contribution can be the subject of an invoice or a purchase order. 460

- Sponsor inscription. While choosing to become partner, your institution, your service, your company chooses to support and to be associated the actions of the AEA. On request, the name, the logo will be mentioned on the whole of the documents diffused by Association at the time of a conference (program, acts, works...) It is possible to register (with the tariff member) as many collaborators as wished to the manifestations of Association. The activities of the godfather are presented on a stand at the time of a manifestation of Association, with its choice. at least 1840


at the expenses of organisation
Member of AEA
Non-member of AEA
Individual inscription*
Professional inscription**
1st person + ...persons+

Lecturer or participant

55 €
.... x 55 €
Student or accompaning person
.... x 25 €

* (with only a receipt after payment) **(with an invoice on request)       

Modes of payments :

The banking cheques and transfers coming from a bank located in France, the payment by Visa card (exclusively) are accepted without expenses.

For other means payment of seeing initially with the AEA: aea@fed-eco.org

Références bancaires : Crédit Lyonnais 30002-Paris Friedland agence W423 compte n°6248L (RIB 50)
[ 3002 - 00423 - 0000006248L - 50 - CL Paris Friedland ]
IBAN : FR54 3000 2004 2300 0000 6248 L50 BIC : CRLYFRPP

Siège Social : AEA - H. Serbat 53, rue Saint Denis 75001 PARIS : Head Office
Association Loi 1901 déclarée le 23/01/77 Siret : 326398153 00014
Site internet : www.aea.Fed-Eco.org
Fax : 33 # (0)1 44 82 03 64 : Fax Email : aea@fed-eco.org

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