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February, 05 & 06, 2004

After analyzing the proposals, the Scientific Committee has proposed postponing the event as the majority of proposed papers did not correspond to the underlying spirit (i.e. science management) of the call for contribution. This event will be resumed later, after reflection and debate which we want to launch to the theme: what are truly quantitative management practices. We are from now on at your service to get your definitions from the field of quantitative techniques of management in order to clarify our projects.

Contact: Michel Grun Rehomme Grun@u-paris2.fr


Scientific Committee (preliminary)
Michel GRUN-REHOMME Université Paris 2  CV
Christian DERQUENNE Electricité de France
Jean-Jacques DROESBEKE Université Libre Bruxelles
Emilio FONTELA Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Gentiane HAESBROECK Université de Liège
Eugène HORBER Université de Genève
Erricos KONTOGHIORGHES Université de Neuchatel
Christian LABROUSSE  Université Paris 2
Dominique LADIRAY Statistique Canada
Université Libre Bruxelles
Carles MURILLO Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Syoum NEGASSI Université Paris 1
Patrice PIERETTI Centre Universitaire Luxembourg
Costas SIRIOPOULOS University of Patras
Jaap SPRONK University Erasmus de Rotterdam
Togan SUBIDEY Bilkent University
Henri SERBAT Université Paris 2
Olga VASECHKO Inst. Recherche Eco. Kiev

Working Language : French and English
Local Organization
This conference is one of the inaugural ceremonies of the building of the Pole Management of the University of Paris2 Panthéon-Assas and will take place in the buildings 13, avenue Bosquet, Paris VII.
It is on the initiative of the pr. Christian Labrousse and of DESS Logistique.
Local committee is composed of all the Professors in management from pôle Bosquet:

Pierre-Louis DUBOIS,
Patrick HETZEL
Isabelle HUOT,
Jacques ROJOT.




During the last decades, the use of quantitative management was gradually spread in Management Sciences. However, specificity and adequacy of tools with the fields of application has not been clearly defined. The aim of this conference is to withdraw the conclusions of this evolution, generalize the fields of application and propose new tools.


TOPICS (before december 5, 2003)


Statistics :
Analysis of Variance ,
Bayesian Probabilities

O.R. :

Linear Programming,
Scheduling Techniques,

Econometrics :

Stochastic Process,

Data Analysis :

Factorial Analysis,
Clustering, Data Mining,


Fields :

Accountancy, Finance for firms, ...

Human Resource Management, ...

Marketing and Economic Studies, ...

Logistics and Distribution, ...

Production and Localisation, ...


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