Yves Flückiger is Full Professor at the Department of Economics since 1992. He is also member of the Board of the Applied Economics Center (LEA) and of the Employment Center. He teaches Labor Economics, Industrial Organization and Public Finance. He has studied sociology and economics at the University of Geneva, where he received his Ph.D. degree in economics. Yves Flückiger has been Research Associate at the Universities of Harvard (USA) and Oxford (UK) and Invited Professor at the Universities of Lausanne, Fribourg (Switzerland) and Deakin (Australia). He has written numerous books and articles published in international reviews (among others, The International Trade Journal, Economics Letters, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Income Distribution, The Oxford Bulletin of Economic and Statistics, Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, Economie Appliquée). During last years, he receives research grants from the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research for different projects concerning migrations, gender wage differentials, gender segregation and new forms of employment. Since 1996, he is member of the new Swiss Competition Commission. Since 1998, he is member of the Swiss National Science Foundation. Since 2003, he is Vice-President of the Swiss Competition Commission.

Yves Flückiger
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