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April, 01 & 02, 2004

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Download the registration form version .pdf

Booking details :

Checks to be made to the order of Association d'Econométrie Appliquée / Applied Econometrics Association or you can register immediately on line
You can also download the registration form version. doc or version PDF and post it to :

AEA - 53, rue Saint Denis - 75001 Paris.


Fares :


To attend to the conference, you must be AEA member

Different kind of subscriptions are proposed

- individual registration 115

-·An institutional registration
You can represent your institution, your firm, your team in the Association ; this institutional membership allows register three others colleagues to the AEA events at a special fee. You can receive an invoice and send an order form 460

-Partner registration . It permits, the logo, the name of your institution or firm to appear in all the conferences documents of the Association (program, proceedings, books…). It also permits to register all the colleagues you want for AEA events. Moreover, activities of a partner can be on exhibition during the conference in the form of a panel, a stand, etc at least 1840 €·



organization fees
AEA Member
To become AEA member
after 12/03/04
after 12/03/04
240 €
355 €
355 €
470 €
700 €
340 €
455 €
455 €
570 €
800 €
Student speaker or participant
30 €
145 €
145 €
260 €
490 €

Download fares of the conference


Individual registration 240 Euros
[You have to add 115 Euros excepted he is AEA member himself or his firm(460 Euros)
and add 115 Euros for payment AFTER march 2004 12 ]
payment direct cash, cheque France or Visa card (you will be received a receipt)

Professional registration 240 Euros per participant
[you have to add 460 Euro if you are not AEA member
order form and with an invoice on request

Participant non speaker

AEA member
individual or professional registration for 2004
340 Euros

Non AEA member
Individual Payment , 455 Euros
[subscription for the year 2004 included (115 Euros)
you have to add 115 Euros for a payment AFTER le march 2004 12 ]
Only a receipt will be delivered

Professional payment 340 Euros per participant
+ 460 Euros for annual subscription to the association for 2004
order form and with an invoice on request

Student 30 Euros
AEA (individual or professioal member) with student card
participant or speaker
payment direct cash, cheque France or Visa card (only a receipt will be delivered)
[you have to add115 Euros if you are not individual AEA member, or profesional member for 2004 (460 Euros)
you have to add 115 Euros for a payment AFTER march 2004 12 ]

Methods of payment:

Payments by cheque and bank transfert are payable to AEA. Delegate must borne the transfer fees. Only Visa card is allowed.

For other methods of payment : please, contact Céline Baujard :

Références bancaires : Crédit Lyonnais 30002-Paris Friedland agence W423 compte n°6248L (RIB 50)
[ 3002 - 00423 - 0000006248L - 50 - CL Paris Friedland ]
IBAN : FR54 3000 2004 2300 0000 6248 L50 BIC : CRLYFRPP

Siège Social : AEA - H. Serbat 53, rue Saint Denis 75001 PARIS : Head Office
Association Loi 1901 déclarée le 23/01/77 Siret : 326398153 00014
Site internet :
Télécopie : 33 # (0)1 42 21 11 72 : Fax Email :

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